RSN End of Season Recap

RSN went 65/68 in this year’s bracket, although we’re pretty sure no one got Tulsa in the field so really 2 legitimate missed teams. In the case of Tulsa, the chairman said they were IN because of their four top 50 wins… then why was Wichita State in? They had 1 top 50 win and 4 bad losses. I believe the Shockers got in on name alone and the fact that Van Vleet and Baker attract viewers. Teams like Saint Bonaventure, South Carolina, and even Saint Mary’s had better resumes than Wichita. Vanderbilt got in despite a 2-7 record vs the top 50 and a few bad losses. This one isn’t as bad a selection as WSU or Tulsa however. In the case of seedings, the committee was a bit shaky in my opinion. Teams that were severely underseeded in my opinion were Kentucky, Indiana, Purdue, Seton Hall, Saint Joseph’s and Stephen F. Austin. Overseeded teams included Texas A&M, Duke (by a lot), Oregon State, Northern Iowa, and Green Bay. Overall, we did not agree with many decisions made by the committee… but it’s March Madness for a reason.

Until next year,

RSN Bracketology

**2016-17 Preseason bracketology should be out sometime in May

RSN End of Season Recap

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