How the Teams Stand as of 3/3/15

This post will consist of 4 categories that teams will be placed in: Locks, Comfortably In, On the Fence, and More Work to Do.

Locks:  (AAC) SMU, (A10) VCU, (ACC) Virginia, Duke, Notre Dame, Louisville, North Carolina, (BIG 12) Kansas, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Baylor, West Virginia, (BIG EAST) Villanova, Georgetown, Butler, Providence, (BIG 10) Wisconsin, Maryland, (MVC) Wichita State, Northern Iowa, (PAC 12) Arizona, Utah, (SEC) Kentucky, Arkansas, (WCC) Gonzaga

Comfortably In: (A10) Dayton, (ACC) NC State, (BIG 12) Oklahoma State, (BIG EAST) Xavier, St John’s, (BIG 10) Ohio State, Michigan State, Iowa, (MWC) San Diego State, (SEC) Ole Miss, Georgia

On the Fence: (AAC) Cincinnati, Tulsa, (A10) Davidson, (BIG 12) Texas, (BIG 10) Purdue, (MWC) Boise State, Colorado State, (PAC 12) Oregon, (SEC) LSU, Texas A&M, (WCC) BYU

More Work to Do: (A10) Rhode Island, (ACC) Miami, Pittsburgh, (BIG 10) Illinois, (PAC 12) Stanford, UCLA

How the Teams Stand as of 3/3/15